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IUVSTA-Elsevier Awards

Congratulations to the 6 winners of the IUVSTA Elsevier Student Award:


  • Thanasis Basdanis (Univ. Thessaly, Greece) for his work on “Characterization of gas-surface interaction in vacuum gas flows by comparison between computations and measurements
  • Filipe Correia (Univ. Minho, Portugal) for his work on “The role of Bi doping on transparent zinc oxide thin films doped with Al and Ga
  • Michal Haubner (Univ. Prague, Czech Republic) for his work on “Electron conditioning of technical surfaces at cryogenic and room temperature in the 0 1 keV energy range
  • Joana Ribeiro (Univ. Minho, Portugal) for her work on “Transparent niobium-doped titanium dioxide thin films with high Seebeck coefficient for thermoelectric applications
  • Pankaj Kumar Samal (Univ. Prague, Czech Republic) for his work on “Step engineering for model electrocatalytic studies using ion erosion
  • Benjamin Tomasetti (Univ. Louvain, Belgium) for his work on “Tailoring protein soft landing using large argon cluster


Elsevier B.V. provides the IUVSTA Elsevier Student Awards. The Award is intended to give financial support to research students to attend scientific conferences organized by IUVSTA.

PhD students, co-authors of accepted abstracts, could apply to have a financial support. On an exceptional basis, given that EVC16 is one of the first face-to-face congresses, the Organizing Committee has considered that all registered students were automatically applying and will take a decision about Awards distribution in view of supporting a maximum of travelling students.





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