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Plenary speakers

• "Gas-surface interactions in astrophysics"
Topic: AST / Astrophysics

François Dulieu
Cergy Paris Univ. (FR)

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• "Biointerfaces - a nanoscale world with a huge potential"
Topic: BIO / Bio-interfaces

Silvia Giordani
Dublin City Univ. (IE)

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• "Surface kinetics in CO2 plasmas"
Topic: ENV / Environment

Vasco Guerra
Univ. Lisboa (PT)

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• "Physics of particle and heat exhaust in tokamaks"
Topic: ITER / energy, plasma and materials

Yannick Marandet
Univ. Aix Marseille (FR)



• "At the 150th anniversary of Martin Knudsen: A pioneer in gas flows"
Topic: 150th anniversary of Martin Knudsen

Jørgen Schou
DTU Fotonik (DK)

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Keynote speakers


• "MAX phase thin films: From design and processing to environmental resistance"
Topic: TF / Thin Film

Clio Azina
RWTH Aachen Univ. (DE)

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IUVSTA Welch Award 2019 winner 

• "Materials Integration and Novel Device Applications using the Silicon Photonics Integrated Circuit"
Topic: EMP / Electronic Materials & Processing

Iain Crowe
Univ. Manchester (UK)

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"Physico-chemical analysis of Nanomaterials: It is all about surfaces!"
Topic: BIO / Bio-interfaces

Giacomo Ceccone
Joint Research Centre (IT)

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• "The effects of surface processes on the characteristics of low-pressure capacitively coupled plasmas: insights from particle based simulations"
Topic: PST / Plasma Science & Technique

Aranka Derzsi
Wigner, Budapest (HU)

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"Photon stimulated desorption from molecular condensates in space and laboratory"
Topic: VST / Vacuum Science & Technology

Jean-Hugues Fillion
Sorbonne Univ. (FR)

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• "Building the world’s Largest Complex Vacuum System (ITER) – Challenges and Achievements"
Topic: INST / Large Instruments

Robert Pearce
ITER Organization (IO)

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• "Acceptance tests performed for the WEST ITER-like tungsten actively cooled divertor"
Topic: ITER / energy, plasma and materials

Marianne Richou
IRFM, CEA Cadarache (FR)

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• "Understanding the bio-interface at the nanoscopic level:
the sample case of amino acids at Ag surfaces"
Topic: SS / Surface Science

Letizia Savio
IMEM CNR Genova (IT)

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• From polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons to nanopore-nanogap devices
Topic: NSN / Nanometer Structures & Nanotechnology

Gregory F. Schneider
Leiden Univ. (NL)

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• "Self-Reporting Ceramic Coatings: Proof of concept for tracking phase transitions, decomposition and oxidation behavior"
Topic: SE / Surface Engineering

Jochen Schneider
RWTH Aachen Univ. (DE)

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• "Argon cluster ions for surface analysis"
Topic: ASS / Applied Surface Science

Alexander Shard
NPL Teddington (UK)

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